The Premiumwings Team takes pride in planning and executing bespoke luxury travel experiences that meet even the highest demands. First, Business Class, Premium Economy or a short hop on a private jet – we will take care of it. Our years of experience, as well as our timely and professional manner will make that routine business trip or that journey of a lifetime happen.

Lifelong memories – just a phone call away.

Whether the dream is the African safari or a trek through the Himalayas, our travel experts are here to help plan that indulgent experience.

We want to understand your travel needs before turning these into lasting memories for you and your family. The Maldives or Milan, Kilimanjaro or Mt. Fuji, the Gobi Desert or the Grand Canyon – the world is vast and the available options can be overwhelming.

We will help you and guide you with our experience and turn your dreams into reality.

Premium Flights

Decades of experience

Our Premiumwings travel experts have extensive product knowledge and can rely on more than 15 years of expertise in the business. Specialized in business and first class, we utilize the purchasing power of our clients from the business, sports and entertainment fields and combine this with our extensive product knowledge to create an unmatched experience for our clients.

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Business Travel

Because just getting there, isn’t the whole story

Now more than ever, business travel is an essential part of getting the job done. Be it a tête-à-tête between two barons of business or an incentive for your top 500 employees, we can happily assist in transporting your business to the next level.


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